Welcome to Aberdeen College! It has 12342571_10207694825545974_7799280349827865702_nbeen said that the only constant in life is change and as I write this short note of welcome, I am struck by the number of changes that can take place during one’s time in pursuit of postsecondary studies.

These years normally mark the passage from adolescence into adulthood; they are years filled with new experiences, new challenges and new dreams.

I want to take this moment to remind you that as you wander through the halls of Aberdeen College, you are not alone. You belong to the community that is Aberdeen College. Here you will find students, faculty members and staff that are ready to walk with you in your journey. We are your fellow travelers and are here to provide you with support, direction and a place to call home. We will be here with you as you meet each new milestone.

In a world where Global Positioning Satellites have made possible navigating even the most remote roads, we may have forgotten how important milestones once were. In the ancient world, milestones told travelers how far they had come and how much further they had to go. A milestone was also an anchor point, a place that one could use to orient oneself in the vastness of the world.

I encourage you then to make Aberdeen part of your culture and life throughout these 4 years. My role as Coordinator involves supervising the College in its administrative and academic functions. However, my role also consists of getting to know you – our students – and making sure that we are supporting you in your journey.

Jaya Ram Gautam,
Coordinator, Computer Science
Aberdeen International College